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Dog Food & Treats


You are what you eat, and your dog is no different. We stock a fantastic range of high quality raw, dry and wet food from great independent suppliers who we really trust. We don’t stock brands such as Royal Canin, Pro-Plan and Hill’s – these are owned by massive multinational companies who put profits over pets health.

We are famous for our ‘dog treat deli’! a whole 8 metres of high quality loose air dried meat and vegetable based treats for dogs. We also stock a fantastic range of healthy and natural pre-packed treats too.

Most common issues that people see their vets for can be caused by bad nutrition. Immunity starts with the gut (over 70% of your dogs immune system is from the gut!) and feeding the right diet (and cutting out the nasties) will help to support your dog from the inside out.

We recommend a raw food or fresh diet as the perfect way to feed your dog it’s most natural diet, however we know this is not for everyone. Below is some information on the foods we recommend.


Do I need a Grain free?

A grain free food is always good to look out for but it is by no means the be all and end all to a quality dog food, for example one popular dry grain free food had replaced the rice, barley and oats with 70% white potato – a starchy carb in massive quantities.Although the fashion is to look for a grain free food to help combat allergies, some grains such as oats can be beneficial to a dog with skin issues.

Cold pressed dog foods

What is cold pressed dog food?Cold pressing is a method of producing complete dog food at lower temperatures. By using the Cold Pressed method, the natural ingredients retain all of their flavour, aroma, vitamins and nutritional value.Cold pressed dog food is very soluble in the stomach and can break down faster than traditional dry dog food kibbles.

TribalTribal create nutritious dog food that’s responsibly made with fresh, high quality ingredients. Unlike most traditional dog foods which are made at extreme temperatures that destroy goodness, Tribal use a gentle cooking process to lock in loads of nutrients (think protein, vitamins and minerals); all the essential stuff! Tribal’s core philosophy is to pack in as much natural goodness we can get into the food so that your dog can have the best diet and a diet that every dog deserves. Available for Puppies, adult and senior dogs

Our Most Recommended Brands




Canagan is a special grain free dog food formulated by our experts to deliver nutrition, close to their ancestral diet, with the correct ratio of protein to carbohydrate and a host of vegetables and botanicals.

This carefully balanced, nutrient dense formula will excite your dog’s taste buds and give them the abundance of highly digestible protein demanded by their evolutionary needs.



Made from free range British chickens

At McAdams, we only use British chickens in our recipes that have lived as free range hens, spending their days foraging in fields and woods, as nature intended.

They come from DEFRA Approved and RSPCA Assured farms that are regularly inspected for the highest welfare standards, ensuring our birds are well cared for throughout their lives.




Representing the fullest expression of our BiologicallyAppropriate philosophy, ORIJEN’s recipes reflect diets asclose as possible to what our dogs’ ancestors found andconsumed in nature. Our recipes feature rich inclusionsof fresh and raw animal ingredients to nourish as natureintended.




ACANA’s Biologically Appropriate foods featureranch-raised meat, free-run poultry, andfreshwater or wild-caught fish with nourishingratios of meat, organs, and cartilage or ediblebone. Our recipes deliver nutrients naturally,with farm-fresh ingredients and real, protein rich meat, so your cherished dog’s diet is loaded with nourishment.



Eden Holistic

Eden is formulated to align to your pet’s natural diet, the ancestral diet. For this reason, we always start with the amount of protein we can put into our recipes. We have chosen to select the best ingredients, using only the finest meats, fish, fruits & vegetables that are 100% natural, freshly prepared, sustainably, and responsibly sourced. Our ingredients are important to us, so to preserve their integrity we carefully steam cook our food, which locks in all of the key nutrients.

We understand the importance of supporting local, so we endeavour to source as many ingredients from the UK as possible.


We stock Eden dog food in the following varieties:

  • Dry puppy, original, fish and country cuisine
  • Working dog 15kg
  • Semi-moist duck & tripe, wild boar and country feast
  • 400g wet food tins











For Your Dog


Dry Complete Dog Foods

  • Acana
  • Orijen
  • Eden Holistic
  • Yora
  • Skinners Field & Trial
  • Canagan
  • Symply
  • Canine Kitchen
  • Wellness Core
  • Eden Holistic Pet Food
  • Bob’s Choice
  • Arden Grange
  • Royal Canin
  • Fish 4 Dogs
  • Carnilove
  • James Wellbeloved



Cans, Trays and Pouches

  • Forthglade
  • Lily’s Kitchen
  • Canagan
  • Carnilove
  • Naturediet
  • Wellness Core
  • Naturo
  • Natures Menu
  • Devini
  • McAdams
  • Ziwi Peak
  • Zealandia
  • Applaws
  • Country Hunter
  • Fish 4 Dogs
  • James Wellbeloved
  • Meatiful ‘Sausages’

Mixers and Other

  • Natures Menu Superfood Mixer
  • Natures Menu Mighty Mixer
  • Tribal Cold Pressed Dog Food
  • Forthglade Cold Pressed

Cotswold RAW

  • Easy to handle sausages make it easy to weigh out the correct amount of food (100g and 50g sausages)
  • Available in Mince and Sausage
  • Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Beef & Tripe, Turkey and Wild Meats
  • Bones and Treats Available

Natures Menu

    • Complete easy to feed nuggets and minces
    • Great starter raw food
    • Treats and bones available
    • All Lifestage from puppy to senior
    • NEW True Instinct raw bites now available


    • 500g tubs and 1.4kg rolls of complete enhanced raw
    • ‘just’ meat range
    • single serve version for small dogs
    • large variety of flavours
    • tasty cat range


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