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Pet Birds, Chicken & Fowl

We stock a range of products for pet or aviary birds from finches to parrots. We have all the best nutrition, treats, toys, cages and accessories in store.

We also stock Chicken & Duck food, treats and straw for bedding.

Harrisons Bird Food

Harrisons Bird Food – The Best Nutrition For Your Bird

5 Reasons Your Bird Should be Eating Harrison’s

are health foods for birds. By introducing the first avian formulation made from certified organic ingredients, Harrison’s has literally transformed the feeding of pet birds! We have combined the experience of decades of work in the avian veterinary field with that of top PhD avian nutritionists to create formulas to achieve and maintain results.

A pet bird who eats a seed diet is not getting all the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. As a matter of fact, malnutrition is the leading cause of death in pet birds. Harrison’s Bird Foods were developed by avian veterinarians, leading aviculturists and top avian nutritionists to be the most nutritionally complete diet available.

It is very important to understand that birds are extremely sensitive to chemicals used in most contemporary farming. All Harrison’s Bird Foods are certified organic by International Certification Services (ICS) and meet the requirements set forth by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). Harrison’s Bird Foods contain: NO chemical insecticides, herbicides or fungicides, NO preservatives and NO double-dosed vitamins. HBD screens all of its products for pathogenic bacteria, molds (mycotoxins) and various natural enzymes (e.g.,trypsin) to assure safety for consumption by birds and other animals.

In 2014, Harrison’s Bird Foods acquired a highly coveted non-GMO certification. Harrison’s now also carries the seal of The Non-GMO Project, which guarantees our products meet strict guidelines in regard to never using genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Besides being certified organic and non-GMO verifioed, our ingredients are premium, whole grains and legumes, not cheap fine-milled/bleached flours or cereal byproducts.  Harrison’s does not incorporate wheat into their bird food formulas.
To assure the finest, safest, healthy bird foods available tests are performed on each and every batch to make sure they meet strict nutritional requirements

The signs of a healthy bird are primarily the result of a healthy diet. The ideal pet bird is beautiful and brightly colored, with sleek-looking feathers. A healthy bird likes to sing, play, talk and very often be active and affectionate with family members. Harrison’s Bird Foods’ goal is to help you make your bird a healthy happy bird”.


Parrot Toys

We have a huge range of entertaining parrot toys in store. We always have something new and unique to occupy your parrot. Toys and activities are important to a Parrots wellbeing and something they can destroy and pull and tug at will keep them happy for hours and stress free.

Come in store to see our range of quality parrot toys from the small piñata toys to the huge wooden and bamboo blocks.

Chicken & Fowl


We have a range of quality chicken feed & treats in store. We stock carry home bags of food from Mr Johnsons such in Layers Pellets, Layers Mash & Mixed Corn and bulk bags (20kg) from Dodson & Horrell in Layers Pellets & Layers Mash. We also stock Mixed corn, Chicken Corn Extra (with added oyster shell grit) and Various sizes of grit and crushed shell.

We stock a range of Chicken feeders and water fountains, treats and treat holders and Verm-x for internal parasite control.

Our Ranges for

Bird Foods

All of our bird foods are available in carry home size bags and bulk value bags, please ask in store for details and prices.

  • Vitakraft Amazonian/African/Australian Food
  • Bucktons Spiralife Range Finch/Canary/Budgie
  • Bucktons Spriralife Range
  • Parrot/Cockatiel
  • Johnston & Jeff Budgie/Cockatiel/Canary/Finch
  • Johnston & Jeff Low Sunflower For Large Parrots
  • Johnston & Jeff Fruity Parrot
  • Johnston & Jeff African Grey 
  • Walter Harrisons Premier Parrot
  • Harrisons Bird Foods Adult Lifetime Coarse
  • Harriosons Bird Food High Potency Coarse
  • Harrisons Fine Adult Lifetime
  • Harrisons Fine High Potency
  • Tropican HARI 
  • Tropimix HARI

Bird Treats

  • Vitakraft Large Parrot Sticks (3 Varieties)
  • Vitakraft Small Parrot Sticks 
  • Vitakraft Cockatiel & Parakeet Sticks
  • Vitakraft Canary Sticks / Budgie Sticks
  • Feathercare Sticks
  • Johnsons Bells/Bars/Blocks
  • Shaws Egg Biscuits
  • Bumper Parrot Bars
  • Jelly Tubs

Bird Accessoires

  • Sand Sheets
  • Sand & Grit
  • Mirrors, Bells and Toys
  • Iodine Blocks
  • Perches & Perch Covers
  • Brid Cages
  • Parrot Cages
  • Coop Cups
  • Feed Fountains and Dishes

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