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Raw Feeding Explained

Going Raw? Raw Feeding Explained 

Raw feeding is regarded by many as the most natural way to feed a dog and over the past few years it has become the fastest growing feeding trend in the UK. Many raw feeders prepare their own diets for their dogs but a number of companies have developed pre-prepared complete raw foods in the form of frozen blocks or nuggets which provide all of the benefits of raw feeding with all the convenience of a conventional dog food.

Benefits of Raw food – 

  • Ease of digestibility – Raw food is more natural to a dogs digestive system, the dogs body is made to draw all of the nutrients out of a raw diet therefore the body  can use them more efficiently leading to less waist and healthier dogs. A dogs stomach PH is lower (more acidic) than that of a human, like a furnace it digests raw food easier.
  • Less stools – A dog fed a quality raw food will produce less stools than that of a processed diet therefor there is usually a lot less water to clean up.
  • Better skin and coat condition – The natural oils found in meat can be utilised by the dogs body more effectively therefore contributing to overall coat condition. Good quality raw foods contain high levels of zinc which helps protect the skin from common ailments. Most pre-prepared raw diets also contain added high quality oils in raw form that contain more of their healthy properties.
  • Stable energy – dogs fed a raw diet tend to have more balanced energy than that of a dog fed a low quality grain based diet. Grains cause spikes in the dogs blood sugar (fast release energy) and can lead to hyperactivity and canine diabetes.
  • Less flatulence – Say no more!
  • Some chronic illnesses needing less medication 
  • Better breath and tooth condition

It is important to get the balance right in raw food as you would with any other dog food you wish to feed. We stock a range of complete foods as well as Vince The Vet Superfood which along with the Superfood Supplements makes an all round balanced diet.

Bacteria and raw food – Many people are put off a raw diet by the fear of bacteria contamination. It is true that wrong practice can in turn lead to bacteria contamination and bugs such as salmonella and e-coli. Saying this there is less bacteria present on good quality raw dog food than what you would find on supermarket chicken

Good practice is the key!

Store SAFELY – In a sealed package or container in your home freezer. Never refreeze!

Defrost overnight in the fridge – Allow up to 12 hours for meal size portions OR defrost at ROOM TEMPERATURE In a clean container or your pet’s bowl

Wash utensils and hands after serving as you would after any raw food handling

Dispose of all packaging SAFELY.

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