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Tips for keeping your dog safe in the hot weather

Tips for keeping your dog safe in the hot weather

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Summer is a time for outdoor fun and adventure with your furry friend. However, as temperatures begin to rise, it’s essential to ensure your dog stays safe and comfortable. The good news is that with a little preparation, you can help your pet beat the heat and avoid heatstroke.

One of the best ways to keep your dog cool is by providing them with plenty of fresh water. Make sure to refill their bowl regularly and consider investing in a pet fountain to encourage them to drink more. You can also give your dog frozen treats, like ice cubes with a dash of chicken broth or frozen fruits, to help them cool down.

Another crucial aspect of keeping your dog safe in the heat is protecting their paws. On hot pavement or sand, your dog’s paw pads can burn easily. Consider walking your dog during the cooler parts of the day, like early morning or evening, or providing them with protective booties.

Furthermore, it’s important to be aware of your dog’s individual limitations and to limit their exercise during the hottest parts of the day. Signs of overheating include excessive panting, lethargy, and vomiting. If you notice any of these symptoms, take your dog to a cooler area and give them water.

In addition, never leave your dog in a car, even for a short period. On a mild to hot day, temperatures in a closed car can skyrocket in minutes and lead to heatstroke

By following these tips, you can help your dog stay safe and comfortable during the summer months.

We also have some great cooling products in store to help your dog through the summer heat.

Cooling products available in store

Cool mats

Dog cooling mats can be a great way to help dogs stay cool and comfortable during hot weather. They offer a cool surface that can help dissipate heat, which can be especially beneficial for dogs who are particularly vulnerable to heat. Cooling pads can help regulate a dog’s body temperature and prevent overheating and heat stroke  They can also be helpful in providing added support for aging pets .Overall, cooling mats can help dogs sleep better and prevent them from becoming too hot and uncomfortable

Cooling Bandanas

Cooling bandanas can be a great way to help dogs stay cool in hot weather. As dogs do not sweat like humans, bandanas cover their neck and chest area, which are the two essential areas for the cool down. Not only do cooling bandanas keep dogs cool, but they can also provide added benefits such as reducing the risk of heat stroke, preventing parasites, and making outdoor adventures safer. They can also serve as a fashion statement and make dogs more visible at night. Additionally, cooling bandanas can be a valuable accessory for aging pets, providing added support and helping them sleep better.

Cooling Vests/Coats

A dog cooling vest is a great way to keep your beloved pet cool and comfortable in hot weather. These vests are designed to regulate a dog’s body temperature by keeping them cool and preventing overheating, which can lead to heat stroke. They work by using a variety of cooling technologies such as evaporative cooling, gel packs, and ice packs. Additionally, cooling vests can provide added support for aging pets. By keeping your dog cool, you can reduce the risk of heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. Overall, a dog cooling vest is a great investment for any pet owner living in hot climates or planning to take their pet on outdoor adventures.

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