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Use sunflower hearts for a wider variety of garden birds

Why Sunflower Hearts are The Best Wild Bird Food

1. High Energy Content

Sunflower hearts have the highest calorie to weight ratio and a very high level of protein. This means that wild birds don't have to eat as many seeds to get the daily energy fix they require.

The benefits of this energy boost are so great that birds known for eating insects are adopting a diet that includes sunflower hearts, sometimes as their main staple food. Take here this blackbird who would normally eat fruit, suet and insects.

This high energy content is also crucial during the colder winter months. As wild birds such as robins need to eat twice their own body weight of traditional bird food in order to keep warm. If they are eating food with a higher energy content, such as sunflower hearts or suet, they don't have to rely on finding too much and are sure to stay warm! 


 2. They Contain Essential Oils

Wild birds benefit from the essential oils provided by sunflower hearts. They are extremely helpful for keeping bird's feathers and skin in good condition as well as maintaining healthy beaks.

Due to their extremely sensitive respiratory systems it is dangerous to attempt to provide essential oils for any kind of bird through sprays or diffusers, this means that the safest way of providing essential oils is by using appropriate seeds, such as sunflower hearts.


 3. Easy Eating

Sunflower hearts are essentially the bird version of fast food, albeit a lot healthier! They are very quick and easy for birds to eat because they take very little time and effort, they also taste delicious.

Being able to eat sunflower hearts so effortlessly leads to birds retaining a very high percentage of the food's overall energy whilst spending very little energy in eating it. Another benefit during the harsher winter months. Imagine if our fast food did this, it's no wonder birds enjoy them so much.

 4. Lack of debris

Many people find that feeding wild birds can be a messy business and that the mess can affect their lawn negatively. Some seeds will take root quickly and leave you with unwanted plants. This is not the case with sunflower hearts.

Because they are basically de-husked sunflower seeds, when wild birds eat sunflower hearts you aren't left cleaning up after they've finished dining. The lack of husk also makes it a lot less likely that any seeds dropped to the floor will grow.

 5. Wild birds love them

Lots of people want to know what birds eat sunflower hearts? The simple answer is that they are the favourite food for wild birds. This is the reason that bird lovers should too!

If you provide birds with their favourite food in your garden it is practically guaranteed that you will get more bird visits than with any other bird seed. That sentence alone should be more than convincing for anyone that wants a garden full of flying friends.

Sunflower hearts will attract a wide array of birds to your garden including, green finches, thrushes, siskins and even goldfinches.

We have various sizes of sunflower hearts available in store including a great value bulk bag (22.68kg) at only £25! 

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