Raw Dog Foods

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Raw Dog Foods

You are what you eat – and your dog is no different!

Most common issues that people see the vet for may be avoided by giving your dog the correct nutrition.

The best way to feed your dog is by giving a high quality raw or fresh food diet.

Raw feeding is certainly taking centre stage at present with a whole host of nutritionists, trainers, vets and store owners recommending this as THE way to feed your dog. Raw feeding is giving your dog the food nature intended – a dog’s body is specially designed to digest a high raw meat diet, animal fats and very little carbohydrates.

Benefits of RAW dog

  • Raw, natural food can be easier for dogs to digest. Plus, there’s none of the added sugar, bulkers or derivatives found in some pet foods, that can cause our pets digestive issues
  • Because raw food is 100% natural with no added fillers, there’s less waste to come out the other end! The result is smaller, firmer, more pick-up-able poos.
  • Just the right quantities of carefully selected fruits, vegetables, protein and healthy fats can give your dog a glossy coat and may help to improve skin complaints.
  • Our raw meaty chews are a great natural way to add to your pet’s routine dental care. A tasty, healthy choice to help clean teeth, provide entertainment and freshen breath.

We recommend feeding your dog a good quality complete RAW food from reputable DEFRA approved companies. Human chain raw meat can contain lots more bacteria than RAW pet food and could cause a bacterial threat.


We know that raw is the best way to feed, but we also know that it is not for everybody. Feeding a bad quality raw food can actually have adverse effects on your dogs health and it may be more beneficial to find another option.

If raw isn’t your thing, we have some great options available in store. We recommend avoiding the cheap, grain filled food found primarily in supermarkets and discount stores – although these foods seem cheap and great value they can have an adverse affect on your dogs health. These low quality foods contain too many fillers, very low meat content and quality, low quality oils and in some cases a large list of additives and preservatives. Cheap brands also cost more money in the long run especially when you are picking most of it off the lawn! The brands we love in store don’t have multinational company owners and most are independently owned and operated.

We recommend foods that have a much higher meat content than commercial brands (most of our good foods contain over 50% meat). A higher meat content means more of the protein and fats your dog would naturally eat are in the food. We also recommend foods with high quality carbohydrates and the most digestible grains (in the correct quantities of course). Foods with high quality animal oils are ranked highly in store – dogs are made to digest animal fats, not refined vegetable fats!


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For Your Dog

Quality Play Time

At The Big Pet Store we pride ourselves on stocking quality toys from the best brands. We stock toys that we use with our own dogs and that are made of the best materials which are suitable for puppies up to seniors. You really will find the ideal toy for your dog. We stock 90% of the Kong range available and are members of the Kong Retailers Club, bringing you the newest Kong toys every month.

Dog Toys Available

  • Huge Kong Range
  • Puppy Nylabone
  • Adult Nylabone
  • Rawhide Alternatives
  • Rope Tuggers
  • Plush Toys
  • Ball Launchers
  • Starmark Boredom Breakers
  • Huge Rubber Toy Range
  • Stuff-less Dog Toys
  • Huge Chuck-It Range
  • Tennis Balls
  • Light Up Balls
  • Plus Much More

Bedding Available

  • DogDoza Waterproof Range
  • Gorpets Ultima Range
  • Gorpets Camden Range
  • Kudos Beds
  • Snuggle Beds
  • Blankets
  • Waterproof Beds
  • Scruffs Memery Fom Beds
  • Oval Pads
  • Crate Mats
  • Oval Beds With Sides
  • Wicker Beds
  • Willow Beds
  • Raised Metal Frame Beds
  • Thermal Beds
  • Vetbed (by the metre)
  • Plus Much More

Chuck-It Balls, Launchers & Toys

Just the glimpse of a Chuckit! toy is enough to excite the ‘fetch fanatic dog’. The bright colours signal an adventure with major playtime to come. Chuckit! performance toys are designed to take interACTION to the next level. These dynamic products are not intended to be solo play toys. Built on innovation and ergonomic design, Chuckit! has revolutionised the classic game of fetch. This enhanced experience encourages more fun play. Pioneering play since 1998, the human-animal bond is at the heart of every Chuckit! toy we make. Sharing the exhilaration elevates playtime to a new standard. Our toys are as fun for people as they are for pets, getting owners outdoors and inspiring a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether the dog likes toys that fly, float or tumble, we are proud to bring MORE WAYS TO PLAY


We stock a huge range of Chuck-It toys including ball launchers, various types of balls, glow in the dark range and interactive toys.

Scruffs ArmourDillo Beds


NEW – The Scruffs® ArmourDillo bed is part of our memory series of orthopaedic pet beds. These beds feature a dense foam core with an orthopaedic memory foam topper. This memory foam topper moulds to the shape of the dog’s body, achieving a greater level of comfort and support. An egg-crate memory design allows more movement & flexibility of the ArmourDillo’s ballistic cover, for improved comfort.

This near-impregnable 1680 Denier ballistic material maximises the beds resilience against scratching and chewing. The material is backed with a 100% waterproof laminate, making the bed ideal for use outdoors or in kennels. The outer cover includes double-stitched re-enforced seams, further increasing the products durability. The ballistic cover forms a protective shield around the entire bed, including the base. A hidden Velcro-fastened opening on the underside of the bed ensures a quick and easy removal of the beds foam core before washing. The Scruffs® ArmourDillo bed is available in two sizes and two colours.

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