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Abode Design Cat Posts

Fashionable Furniture for Cats

The new range of Abode cat post are not only great fun for your cat but also come in modern fashionable designs to suit any home. Designed in the ‘Skandi’ style these cat posts will not look out of place in any household. We have three new designs in store – The Triple Texture, The Geometric Post and the fantastic Luxe Fur with a comfortable resting platform. 

Treat your feline friend to the ultimate in modern cat furniture.


Cats need to scratch

Cats scratch furniture or walls/carpets to mark the area of their territory, they use their scent as an invisible perimeter. Many people place cat post where they want them in the house, not where the cat has it’s territory. To avoid scratched furniture we recommend you have at least 3 posts per cat in your household and position them where the cat it scratching at the moment, this may not be where you want the post to be however cat posts are a lot cheaper than a new suite or carpet.

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